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Blogging break

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Date: 2013-11-02 22:22:22 00:00

I have started blogging in 2007, it has been a wonderful experience, I have met some great people because of blogging, I have received so may good comments about my site, and have enjoyed every minute about writing here. I have learned a lot during my researching in order to prepare every article post here. I have improved my English a lot (still a lot work to do on that field), because I wanted to use English in order to reach more people.

But since October 11th, I have got a new job, I am now a lot more busy, and working late at night, it was a nights when I did my research job, and write the drafts of my articles, but now I just got home too late and too tired.

I am sure that I will get more time in the future, once I get more accustomed to this new job. But, in the meanwhile I will have to take a break about blogging. I continue to follow all my fellow blogs, and continue to follow a lot of interesting people on Twitter, but I just lack the time to write about all those interesting things I read about.

I do not want to say I will stop writing for ever, because I just like writing too much, but this may be a long (months) time of silence here. The site will continue live, and because it is based on plain text it will not be difficult to keep it running.

I am also disabling all VPS that support this site, and moving it to webfaction, in order to have some others taking care of the servers. This way I want to be sure the site will continue online.

Thanks a lot to all my followers and readers of all this years, it was a real pleasure to write for you, and I will try as hard as I can to write at least once a month, in order to stay in touch.