From Jekyll to Middleman

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Date: 2015-06-21 10:41:00 00:00

Three weeks ago I have decided to move away from Jekyll and start using Middleman to generate this site, the next weekend I will post about what was needed to make the switch, today I will post only about why I have switched.

Since 2011 I have been blogging with Jekyll, from 2007 to 2011 it was Drupal. But, why I ditched Jekyll and started with Middleman?

Well, the main reason is just because I like to test new tools, and I like to experiment a lot, but there is another reason. This site as some of you may have noticed has two blogs completely independent.

One is written in English and the other in Spanish, I have been able to accomplish this with Jekyll pretty well until few weeks ago when I wanted to start tagging posts and I realized that I could not use the same tag on the Spanish one that was already used on the English site, because this may mix all posts from one blog to the other. This have been an issue with catgories too, but I have solved that using small variants of category names like Linux and Gnu-Linux.

With Middleman there is no need to do that, Middleman supports different blogs on the same site, all of them with their own categories and tags, as well as rss feeds. With Jekyll this is not supported out of the box, and I have had to use some tricks to be able to host two blogs on one Jekyll site or multi language site

There is still job to do, as I need to implement tags again on this site (yes I know the reason of the switch is not yet implemented) and breadcrumbs are not properly working but they will be in one or two weekends. Meanwhile everything else should be working, if something is not please let me know