Gwibber and Hotot review

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Date: 2010-10-12 11:36:30 00:00

Gwibber is a client for Linux that support various social Networks, we will focus this time only in Twitter.

Twitter is a social network, that let's you share your thoughts with your 'followers' using only 140 characters, for those who do not know about it. Twitter.

One great plus for Gwibber is that it also support, which is an open source micro blogging platform, similar to Twitter very common in the open source community. One great feature about Twitter is the support for Oauth authentication, that Gwibber has.

Gwibber Twitter Linux client auth

So, you need to authorize the application to have access to your twitter account, and you do not need to use your user and password, within the application itself.

Gwibber supports, more than one Twitter account, and you can see them both in the same screen:

To do this, just add, and authorize both accounts, and then go the Gwibber menu, and select new stream, in the new stream you can select the messages for your second account.

It may look like this:

Gwibber Twitter Linux client

Hotot Linux client for Twitter

Well I reserved the best for the last, Hotot is really a great application, its look and fell is just awesome.

From Hotot's blog

Hotot, is a lightweight & open source Microblogging Client, coding using Python language and designed for Linux.

It depends less but supports more. It's been developed actively and still in Alpha stage.

Now let's go to the features.

One I really like is the support for Oauth, yes this is really important for security reasons.

Hotot twitter client

It has support for extensions, so you can create your own add-on for Hotot, if the community start growing, we may see lots of extensions like in Firefox, with a myriad of options to add.

The support for threaded conversations, is also a really good one, and it feels like some iPhone twitter app, I have seen in the past, this way, you do not have to start looking to what message the reply is for.

With the more important controls at the bottom panel, you have access, to your time line, mentions, direct messages, etc.

Hotot twitter client extensions

It can be minimized to the tray, and constantly let you know about new incoming messages, and is also really easy to update your status.

Hotot twitter client screenshot

I have been getting some errors, but that is common as it is still in Alpha, I am sure they are going to fix it. As an example, this one I get sometimes when I press load, to get the messages.

Hotot twitter client error screenshot