Chorizo tortilla with two salads: Corn with tomato and Onion with green bell pepper

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Date: 2012-11-20 20:36:15 00:00

Today I wanted to have some chicken wings for dinner, but I could not find my favorites. So I decided to buy none.

Then trying to think about what to have for dinner, I though it would be better to cook my dinner by myself instead of buying some burger out there.

So I basically prepared a tortilla with two types of salads. Cold and hot salads.

First, see how it looks like. (I know I'm not a good photographer)

chorizo tortilla with onion, corn and tomato salad

Tortilla with chorizo

First the main dish, the tortilla, you will need:

  • Italian chorizo (1 unit)
  • eggs (1 unit)
  • 1 tbs. of butter

Cook the chorizo in a pan with water, let the water evaporate, and when the pan is dry let the chorizo fry a little bit on its own fat.

Once cooked sliced it, and make the tortilla, I like to use butter instead of oil, but you can go with oil.

Onion and green pepper hot salad

You will need:

  • One chopped onion
  • Some slices of green bell pepper
  • One tea spoon of ketchup
  • 1/2 tbs of sugar

Heat the pan with oil, (I use a cast iron skillet) and put the onion with the pepper in there, add the sugar and move with a wood spoon so you don't burn your salad. Keep cooking, when the onion start to look transparent, add the ketchup, and move for some 30 more seconds. Take it out of the pan.

Corn and tomato salad

You will need:

  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Lemon juice
  • Olive oil (extra virgin)
  • Grated cheese (I like fresh cheese)

This one is easy, mix all ingredients together. You may have noted I did not used salt. Well I prefer to low my sodium intake as much as possible. But you can add salt where you think is needed.

Bon appetite

Disclaimer: This recipe may contain a lot of cholesterol, so be careful. I usually do not mind about it as I try to follow Paleo diet. And I said try before you mention the corn and cheese :)