My blog turned one

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Date: 2012-07-11 22:45:00 00:00

Two days ago my blog (This one) turned one year old.

It is been 365 days blogging at this site, I've stopped writing at Go2Linux, which I've moved to a sub-domain under this domain, also the same with my Posterous blog, which is now also a static site under this domain.

Meanwhile this site has been growing, I've moved some posts from Go2Linux to this one.

So now this site has a total of 240 post, not that bad for a year. An average of 0.65 posts per day.

I'll try to improve that number in the next year.

I've also improved the layout a lot, now it is clean, and easy to read, I hope you like it.

The site is static html files, hosted on the cloud (CDN network), so I also hope it is fast enough for you to enjoy it.

Finally, I want to thank to all of my readers, not only for this last year, but for all years since 2007 when I started writing.