Welcome back Arch Linux

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Date: 2012-12-12 17:36:35 00:00

Arch Linux is my favorite Linux distribution, I love Debian, for all what it means to the Linux community, I like Ubuntu for how easy it is, and how suitable for mums, kids, and grandpas. I like the venerable Slackware still in the market, with its famous stability and security.

But Arch Linux is still my favorite. I like how I have access to the latest software as soon as it is available. I love how I can find in the AUR almost anything I may need, actually I have never tried to install something that was not available in the AUR.

I like the flexibility of ABS, where I can compile anything with the options I need without having to go so deep into make && make install thing.

I have just installed it again, I have been not using it for some months (Working on Debian and Ubuntu) because of lack of time to install it. It is not that easy, as you have to manually install everything above a base system. It turns out that now it is even harder, as all installation is performed using the command line "a la Gentoo". So, Arch Linux is definitely not suitable for beginners.

I have it now installed in a triple boot: Arch Linux, Debian and Ubuntu.

Since the move to systemd, Arch Linux have changed a little (or too much). I will be updating this blog with news about Arch Linux again. And I will also update my Arch Linux review

I am happy I am working with Arch Linux once again.