Linux. Create a file where the file name is the current date

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Date: 2013-01-30 20:11:13 00:00

If you need to create a file where the file-name or at least part of it is the current system name you can use this format.

touch file-`date +%F_%T`.txt

This is useful if you are creating reports daily, and you do not want to override them. Suppose you are backing up your MySQL database.

mysqldump -u user --opt some_database > /tmp/some_database-`date +%F_%T`.sql

If you make a cron job to backup your database every day at 23.59 you will have after some days.

  • some_database-2013-01-30_23:59:01.sql
  • some_database-2013-01-29_23:59:01.sql
  • some_database-2013-01-28_23:59:01.sql