First month on Site44

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Date: 2012-11-17 20:57:52 00:00

On October 16th I moved my sites from Linode to Site44. More or less a year ago I've moved them from CMS like Drupal or Wordpress to static generated sites, with the help of Jekyll

I was running a Linode just to host static sites with Nginx. It worked great but, it was like using a shotgun to kill a fly. Github was an option but only one site per account, and I have more than one.

Amazon S3 is also a great option, I have done that in the past too, but the problem there was that my old Drupal site have extension-less URIs, so I had to instruct Amazon S3 the Mime type, not really the easiest thing. I mean, I wanted something I can shoot and forget.

So, I configured my own server with Nginx, and used two Dropbox accounts sharing the site folder to update my blog automatically after every re-creation of it.

Finally, a month ago I noted that site44 exited beta and started to offer paid solutions with custom domains. As I had already tested it before, I immediately bought a Personal account for only $ 4.95 / month. I can now host 10 sites with 10 Gigs of traffic. I have actually 7 sites (only tow of them have real traffic) and last month I got a total of 140.000 page views using 6 GBytes of bandwidth.

So far so good, according to Pingdom I have only had 10 minutes of downtime. I'm sure Site44 will improve this in the next months.

Pingdom uptime graph

The support is 100%, the first day I had a problem with Mime types, asked for help and within 10 minutes I had an answer and in half an hour the solution.

Also, on November 7th, they had a security issue and the response was really fast. I asked for help once again, to re-authorize my account, and in a matter of minutes I got a reply to my email.

I want to use this opportunity to congratulate Site44 for the excellent service and idea. I have not found any other who does the same thing, and does it so good.