Using Ubuntu on Windows 10 with WSL

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Date: 2020-02-23 21:30:00 00:00

In 2005 I stopped using Windows, and switched completly to Linux, I had it installed on my Laptop and my main home PC, in 2011 I wanted to buy a new laptop and decided to go with a MBP, I was so happy to be able to run a flavor of Unix on my laptop and have everything working without the hassle, I continue using Linux on my main home PC.

Later in 2013 I switched to another company, there I was forced to use Windows as my main system, I realized that Windows 10 was a lot better than 7 or XP, but still needed my Mac in order to post to this blog, because it is generated with Middleman, (I know I can do it with Windows, but prefer not to).

Some weeks ago I have discovered that I was able to run Ubuntu on Windows, and without the need to install VirtualBox or VMWare.

I am now using it, have installed Middleman with ruby, I have finally upgraded Middleman to the latest stable version.

I am happy with this implementation of Linux over Windows, it really fulfill my needs, and I am sure it also does for most of developers, I am also able to edit Ubuntu WSL files on Windows, with Notepad++