Swiftkey 3 review

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Date: 2013-01-18 16:37:00 00:00

One thing that still today a lot of users miss from Blackberry, is the hardware keyboard, typing in a touch screen is not as easy as using a real keyboard. They have improved a lot since the first days of the iPhone and right now with the iPhone 5, and more space for the keyboard in landscape mode is a lot easier to type.

If you are using an Android phone like the Galaxy S3 you really have plenty of space, but even then, you miss the letter from time to time. In the Android world you can change the default keyboard that comes with your phone with another one. I have tested quite a few, and the best one for me is Swiftkey

According to the site, this is what swiftkey is:

SwiftKey speeds up touchscreen typing because it understands the way words work together, predicting and correcting your input in a smarter way.

SwiftKey automatically learns the words and phrases that matter to you, intelligently auto-correcting and predicting based on your writing style. It can also learn your lingo by syncing with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

SwiftKey is used by millions of people around the globe. Our users have saved so many keystrokes while typing, they would stretch to the Moon if printed in 12pt font. We've also won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry for our commitment to innovation.

I have used it first with my xperia x10 mini and it learns from your typing and constantly adjust itself, to prove its guessing when you hit the wrong key.

You can also link it with your gmail account, facebook account, twitter account or even you the rss feed of your blog. This way Swiftkey, learns how you type, your style, and which words you usually use after certain other words. That way it starts guessing the words you type in real time.

Another good feature is that you can load up to three languages, and you can mix them while typing, so you can have French, English and Spanish. Then you can type something like this:

Bon appetit, I hope you enjoyed la ensalada

You do not need to change from one languages to another while typing, I mean there is no switch button like with the iPhone, you just type in the language you want, the software will detect which one you are using.

Final note

If you need to type a lot from your Android smartphone, and you need to do it fast and with the less possible errors. Then you may need to buy Swiftkey 3 keyboard app for Android. You will not regret it.