Self hosting your services instead of having them in the Cloud

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Date: 2013-05-27 13:22:35 00:00

Away from the cloud

More and more people are moving to the cloud1, moving documents, getting services, and everything.

People rely more and more on services hosted on someone else servers, instead of having them on their own PCs.

This is not actually new, from the first time, we put our html pages on Angel Fire, or Geocities. And our email on AOL or Hotmail.

The problem now, is that most of those services just disappear and our effort, and goods are gone with them, or at least causing services interruptions, or having us to put a lot of effort in moving our Internet assets to some other place.

In the last few months, and the few next months, we will have lost posterous, Google reader, we do not know about Tumblr or Feedburner.

So do you really want to trust everything to the "cloud"?

I am not going to do it, I have decided to own my data, yes I still have to host it somewhere, but I will have control over my data.

The first things I have started to host by myself are:

If you really want a Dropbox replacement, you can use owncloud

  1. Let's define the cloud, as services or applications on the Internet, for you to use them. Being them free or paid.