New email security settings native in Google Apps: Change in Postini service

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Date: 2012-02-02 18:20:00 00:00

Today I got an email from Google:

It seems that they are going to have their own security services instead of postini.

Some parts of the email says:

First, take notice action will be required on your part. This message is to notify you about a change to the Postini Message Security Service included with your Google Apps account. This service is being replaced by new Google Apps email security features. With the release of these new email security features, we will be asking all of our Google Apps customers to consolidate their email security settings in Google Apps and to remove Postini from their mail flow.

Because the new tools work differently than the Postini version, automated migration is not available and you will need to replicate your settings manually in Google Apps. You can do this with the help of the Postini-Apps Transition tool in the Postini Admin Console, which will lead you through the process of consolidating all of your email settings into Google Apps.

We expect your experience with spam and virus filtering will improve after bypassing Postini and flowing mail directly to Google. Gmail spam detection is amongst the best in the industry and has the benefit of being able to automatically learn a user’s individual preferences when they mark a message as spam or not spam. You should also see lower false positive rates, particularly for intra-domain mail, by relying only on Gmail for spam filtering.

We really hope to see less spam.