9 11, Ten years later: My september 11th experience

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Date: 2011-09-11 15:00:00 00:00

That day, 11/99 in 2001 I was traveling, returning home actually.

Twelve days before I traveled to Tel Aviv Israel, for a training course, I have been spending my last weekend in Israel traveling in the north of the country, now it was time to go back home.

It started at 3 a.m. in Ben Gurion Airport, they searched my luggage completely, searching for weapons or bombs, I wish they would have done the same thing in American Airlines 11 and United Airlines 175, a few hours later.

My scheduled trip was Tel-Aviv, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, thanks God I was not using a route over U.S.

I arrived to Madrid early in the morning (Madrid Time) went to a Hotel, as I had to wait for 10 hours for my next flight, I had lunch and took a nap, then I turned on T.V. and saw live how the second plane crashed the South Tower.

I had planned to go for a small taxi trip to Madrid downtown, but instead I got shocked by the news, and stayed at the Hotel watching the news.

I have never felt that terrible sensation of seeing people dying live by tv, and I just hope I never have to see it again, it was now time to go to Barajas Airport to continue my trip back home. The airport was a chaos, all flights going from Europe to U.S. were cancelled, and some of them were not able to go back to its origin airports, so a lot were landing in heathrow, and others in Barajas.

My plane took of on time and headed to Buenos Aires, of course we were all taking about the World Trade Center attack, and all of use were a little bit nervous, maybe with no justification but it was not avoidable. Was not the best day to be on a plane.

Of course I arrived home some hours later, a lot happy to be home again, but somehow all world was a different place since that day, rules in the airports changed and hopefully that will never happen again.

God bless all souls who died in New York that day, all fire fighters who gave their life trying to safe people in the World Trade Center.