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Nginx send 404 to backend

How to redirect all 404 errors to backend on Nginx so an application can take care of those errors

Forgot to enter sudo

How to insert sudo in front of commands when you have already run it

Flush Postfix Queue

How to flush the queue of Postfix MTA and free all emails not already sent

Changing Password

How to change the password of the current user or another user in Unix like systems. Linux or Mac OS X

Installing deb files

How to install a deb file in Ubuntu, Debian, Mint or some other Debian derivative

How to limit wget download rate

Limit wget download rate, so others can share the bandwidth in your home of office, otherwise wget will use all it can

Backup git bare repository

How to backup a bare git repository over ssh on another server automatically and periodically

Recursively count files

How to count files recursively in a folder when you are using BSD, Linux or Mac OS X

GNU Emacs spell check

How to spell check on emacs for Linux or Mac. Works for ReStructuredText and LaTeX

Migrate MySQL database

how to migrate a MySQL database to a new server, or between two servers, using scp and mysqldumb

Clone a bootable usb key

How to clone a bootable usb key, or copy to disk for storage. Useful to create copies of bootable usb memory

From Jekyll to Pelican

Little tools to help you switch from Jekyll to Pelican. Change YAML Front Matter to Markdown headers

Ubuntu: Disable daemon on startup

How to disable a daemon such a Nginx, Apache, MySQL or any other from starting at boot time. We will disable them from startup scripts, read more to learn how

Apache htaccess: Add Cache-Control header per file type

A good way to speed up a static site when using Apache to serve it, is to permit your users' browsers and the cache servers in the middle to save a copy of the pages. And you can add Cache-Control header on Apache on a per file type basis

What version of CentOS am I running

It is very important to know the version of Linux and the version of the distribution you are using. If CentOS is what you are using, this will tell you what version of CentOS you are running

How to install htop on CentOS

htop is not installable by default on CentOS. If you want to install it fast, the best way is downloading the rpm file. Here is how I install htop on CentOS servers

md5sum on Mac OS X | check MD5 hashes

How to calculate MD5 hash of a file on Mac OS X. MD5 is important when you download files from the Internet, and you need to check if the the file is OK

Check the physical status of an ethernet port in Linux

Sometimes you need not only the logical status of an ethernet port, but also the physical status of it, here is how you test the physical estatus of an ethernet port in Linux, I have tried it on Ubuntu

Angry Birds for Chome

Angry Birds now available for Chome, Online or Offline | Enjoy playing it