Tablet or ChromeBook?

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Date: 2012-12-04 22:25:35 00:00

I have to start this saying that I do not have a ChromeBook. But I do have a good idea of it, as I have a Laptop.

I would like to compare the benefits of owning a ChromeBook vs a tablet (Android or iPad).

For the last month, I have been using a borrowed iPad, (Wi-Fi) model with an Apple bluetooth-keyboard.

I must say, that these weeks, I have turned on my Laptop less than 30% of the time as the previous month.

I am not saying I have worked less, or spend less time on the Internet. It is just that the iPad was enough for almost all tasks.

An iPad alone is not a contender for the Chromebook, but with the external keyboard, it can easily beat the ChromeBook.

I can access my email, I can write documents and share them via email, or store them in my Dropbox.

I can ssh to my Linux server, and perform any other thing the iPad can't do by itself (I normally use my MacBook Pro for that).

The only plus I can see of the ChromeBook over the iPad is price. But I think it is better to invest some more money and have something I can also use to read a book, or watch a movie, while lying in bed. Something that is also useful, when I want to create content. Like I'm doing right now, writing this blog post directly on the iPad.

I was one of those guys who used to say that an iPad or another tablet is not really something you might need. I think I will have to admit it. I was wrong. A tablet is really a great tool, it does not matter that it does not have a disk or anything you are used to.

It can not yet replace my real laptop, but it is something I can use to work, and not only for fun.

The ChromeBook, is also something to be used to work, but definitely something that is not as good as a fun platform as the iPad or an Android tablet is.

Of course, these are my personal experiences counting just my needs, your mileage my vary.