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iPhone SE

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Date: 2017-09-16 20:56:00 00:00

Some years ago I have written about iPhone my best option after Blackberry. I have used a Blackberry until August 2014. I have replaced it with a Moto G for one and a half year, after it I got a second hand iPhone 5S, used it for one year and since two months ago I’ve using an iPhone SE

It was a great experience, iOS is a lot better than Android to be used at the office, this is of course from my perspective. I have an exchange server at the office and I use the email, calendar, tasks and notes to be productive. All of these tools work seamlesly with my iPhone, no need to add any extra apps.

I also like to use a small phone, and nowadays only an iPhone offers me power, up to date software and quality in a small frame, I have not yet found an Android phone which is both small and powerfull, maybe the Galaxy A3, but I think the iPhone SE is better, it will get more software upgrades for sure and it has a better hardware too.

I have to say that some years ago I used to use Blackberry + iPod and worked better than my Galaxy S3, I have now confirmed that as a working phone an iPhone is better than an Android phone.

It is also true that if you plan to share files, pictures, use a lot of social networks, it may be better to own an Android over an iPhone smartphone.

I wanted to share a little of my experiences here, also as a way to try to start writting again on the blog.