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Fanboyism is bad

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Date: 2012-11-15 10:27:52 00:00

Today while reading my rss I have read a post from Daring Fireball Best Dell Ad Ever. Everything seems OK with the post until you read:

The device in question does not actually look much at all like a MacBook Air or an iPad. It looks like a broken chair.

I really respect John Gruber, specially because of Markdown's creation. But I really do not think that he have to hate or criticize others in such a way in order to say that you love the products he loves.

The Dell XPS 12 looks like a good computer, I do not think it looks like a broken chair. It is OK if you prefer Mac products (I prefer them too), but that does not mean Dell products are not great too.

You can see same behaviour with Linux distribution's fanboys. If you prefer foo's products instead of bar's products, well, that is wonderful, you can sustain why you love or prefer them over the others. But there is absolutely no need to say all others suck.

I prefer Mac OSX and Linux over Windows, but I am not saying all the time Windows suck. I just do not like it, and prefer other OS over it. I have not tested Windows 8, and I should say that maybe I may love it.


If you write and review or compare products, try to be objective, try to avoid subjective opinions. This is if you want to be serious about your writing. Sure, you have the right to write anything you want, the rest have the right to read it or not.