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Date: 2013-11-17 21:51:22 00:00

Sometimes it seems like everything has been done in a specific field, and talking about blogging one may think that everything has already been implemented.

We have Wordpress, and a lot of other CMS tools which can be used to blog, we have some minimalistic tools for geeks, like Jekyll, and we have some great on-line tools, like Wordpress, Blogger, we also have Medium and Svbtle. Then when it seems like all bases are covered Ghost appears on Kickstarter and gets an incredible support.

Ghost is filling the gab between Svbtle and Wordpress, it has a great minimalistic and easy to use interface, but you do not have to be invited to use it. It is free and it will always be, it will not make money with your content, and inserting ads in your posts, yet it still provide you with a great platform, where you can write.

When I first read about Svbtle on HackerNews I loved the idea and the interface, and almost immediately installed the copycat Obtvse. Now we have a real tool that is both simple and powerful and with support that focus only in one thing, writing.

Ghost is just that a platform to write, a blogging tool where you have to focus on content, you have to write and add some pictures to help others understand the idea, and that is it.

What you get is a screen with two sides, on the left you write using markdown, on the right you see the result, a live preview of how your post is going to look like. If you like writing Ghost is for you.

You can get it working on Digital Ocean or Webfaction, And if you want someone focused just on Ghost you can try which will open in beta soon.

Below some pics about how it feels and look like.

Ghost Writing
Ghost Final