Changing my Jekyll Powered Site Theme Again

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Date: 2012-05-24 11:26:00 00:00

I think I have a problem. I'm always trying to find better ways of doing something. Usually is just a waste of time, and I maybe just use my time in other things.

This time I've spent some eight hours to switch the theme of this site, which is powered by Jekyll. Yes, once again I'm changing the theme, and unfortunately it is not as easy as it is in Wordpress.

I like minimalism, I like it to have a clean view. The layout have also changed. It does not have side bars anymore, now it is focused on content. And I now my content may not be as interesting as I would like, but anyway I decided to focus your attention on it. Sorry :).

The layout is a Header with a navigation bar, then the content, and a small foot bar. The CSS is based on foundation. By the way, big thanks to Joni Korpi for telling me about it.

Hope you enjoy the new design, if you have any comments about it, please use the contact form, or contact me via Twitter.