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Moving Go2Linux

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Date: 2011-07-31 01:10:00 00:00

I've not completely decided this, but I'm seriously thinking about moving Go2linux blog to I'm not going to remove Go2Linux nor move all posts to a new location, I will just stop posting there and continue to post in the new site.

The main reason is, that I want to post about not only Linux but about other topics and that is not possible under go2linux domain, at least it does not make sense to me, also I do not want to be keeping two sites as that consumes time, and I prefer to use that time in writing more posts.

Also, I've discovered Jekyll, if you do not know what it is, well in few words, is a set of scripts that reads plain text files (my posts) and creates a static site out of them, is actually powered by Jekyll.

Why Jekyll? Well, I like the idea of having all my site as static pages, they are faster, and also more difficult to hack, no need for cron jobs, or upgrades of the CMS platform.

I'm thinking about archiving Go2Linux as static site, so all articles there remain for ever for anyone who may need them (including me). Moving it to the new site will be a hard work for, the links are not easy to move.

What you need to do?

Hopefully nothing. If you are following the site using Twitter, Facebook, RSS or Newsletter, you will just continue to get my new posts, but if you click on them, you will be redirected to the new site.

I've not yet decided to do this, I'm almost sure, but I need to see how practical it is and will run this way for two or three months and will come with a final decision.

One more thing, you do not have to worry about my posts about other topics, they will not appear in your stream (unless you want), I mean, the new site has four blogs with different RSS feeders, so if you want to get the other content, you need to subscribe to the other feeds, or to the site's main feed.

Take a look at the site's home page, remember that if you are already subscribed to the old RSS, you are already subscribed to the linux blog of this new site, no need to re-subscribe.

thank you, and please take your time to share your thoughts with me, I would like to know about your suggestions.