iPod Touch my real "mini tablet"

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Date: 2012-09-19 15:58:00 00:00

Somehow, I am not ready yet to start using a device that can not fit in my pocket, as my "mobile" computing device.

A tablet (any of them) are still something I think I will leave abandoned at any coffee table. Because it does not fit in my pocket, I think I will leave it behind. And because I love my blackberry, and I'm not ready to stop using it. I use my iPod touch as my tablet.

I connect to the internet using the WiFi, (available almost every place), and I'll have a mobile WiFi as soon as I upgrade my Blackberry to the last bold.

I'm going to upgrade my iPod Touch to the latest available model, as soon as it becomes available.

There I can have almost any app I may have in an iPad, and it is also a great company at the gym or while jogging.

I think I'll keep this setup for some more time.

  • A Linux powered desktop computer for day to day job
  • Macbook Pro (As a serious mobile device)
  • Blackberry for BBM, WhatsApp, and short emails
  • iPod Touch for emails, at the airports, Netflix while traveling, and great to listen to music

Maybe someday in the future I'll be convinced to start using a tablet, but not today.