Cut or trim mp3 files with Linux, mpgsplit and mp3cut

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Date: 2008-05-12 10:36:30 00:00

Some months ago I have posted an article showing how to use audacity to edit mp3 files with Linux, this time it is almost the same but we will use our Linux Operating system command line to do that.

We are going to see two different options:


To install this program under Debian

sudo aptitude install mpgtx

Now if you want to trim a mp3 file into 10 pieces just enter this command

mpgtx -10 input.mp3 -o output

You will get output01.mp3, output02.mp3 …. output10.mp3 files, and now you can easily transport them, use them as ringtones, or anything you need.

Now if you want to cut an specific part of the mp3 file you may use ranges:

mpgsplit input.mp3 [00:00:20-00:00:58] -o output.mp3

Now you will have from the 20th second to the 58th second of the song, in output.mp3 file, which is great for creating ringtones for your cellular.

Read the man page for more options, as you can also join files and some other useful things.


First install the program, mp3cut is one tool, of the mp3 suite tools called poc-streamer, so lets install the suite of tools.

sudo aptitude install poc-streamer

Now to cut or trim the mp3 files, it works a lot like the first option in this article, lets try the same example.

mp3cut -o output.mp3 -t 00:00:20+000-00:00:58+000 input.mp3

This will have the same effect and you will get a resulting file containing the song from the 20th second to the 58th second.