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MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN Review, exploring features, price and more

Brackets Text Editor

Changing my default editor from iA Writer and Uber Writer to Brackets

Evolve OS

Evolve OS a new Linux distribution has been born

2015 resolutions

2014 balance and 2015 resolutions

Low carb and High protein diet

30 days experiment with low carb and high protein diet


CommonMark, Standard Markdown and Jeff Atwood vs John Gruber

On Writting

About writting therapy, and why I write

Boxer App for Android

Review of the new Beta Boxer App for Android, another great email application for Android

Thunderbird Best Practices

Best practices to follow when configuring Thunderbird to work with IMAP servers, particularly with an Office 365 Exchange account

Svbtle vs Medium

Why you can not compare Svbtle to Medium, which are the differences and which one is the right for you

From Disqus to Google Plus

Switching from Disqus to Google Plus for my Jekyll powered blog

After 16 years of development apt-get 1.0 is released

apt-get is finally in version 1.0 It comes with some changes, and as great as it has always been

Windows 8 and 8.1 native email app

Windows 8 and 8.1 native email app features review and screenshots

Microsoft again. Now with Windows 8

Working with windows again, Windows 8 does not seem to be as bad as I have read


Ghost the blogging platform is ready for the public to use it. And it looks awesome

Just enjoy yourself

Enjoying life and enjoying yourself. The best way to spend your time here

Extraterrestrial life

My theory about the probability of intelligent life from outer space being able to come here and meet us.


An essay about what do I think regarding happiness, and how do I think we can find it

Blogging break

Taking a break on blogging for a while, until I get more time for blogging

Interview with Vance Davies. ioFlare review

Interview with Vance Davies, CEO of ioFlare, the new VPS provider that is here to compete with Linode and Digital Ocean

iPhone better at email than Android

Why I think that from email point of view, Blackberry is still the best smartphone, and why iPhone is better than Android on the same field

BBM coming to Android and iOS, the release date does not arrive

Still no release date for BBM for Android and iOS platforms, it should arrive before September 21st

Blackberry and iPod instead of Android

My smartphone setup. Why I ditch my Android phone in favor of a Blackberry and an iPod Touch

Back to Wordpress, a multi-site installation

One topic per blog, or one blog and multiple topics?. Using Wordpress multi-site for multi-topic site

Starting a vegetarian experiment

Starting a vegetarian experiment, with weekly updates and some recipes I will be trying.

Multi language site with Jekyll

How to create a multi language site using Jekyll

Why to use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus share links and not buttons

Use share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus in your blog, that does not expose your users to tracking, or violate their privacy. Use share links to do this

Using your own comments solution for Jekyll

Use your own solution and self hosted comments for Jekyll instead of Disqus

Which one to choose Drupal or Wordpress

Simple guide on when you should choose Drupal over Wordpress, and when Wordpress over Drupal

Embed code files into Jekyll posts ala gist

How to embed plain text files into Jekyll posts, this can work to embed your own code files. Ala gist style

Self hosting your services instead of having them in the Cloud

I have decided to host by myself the services I use the most, instead of having them in the not so trust able cloud

Moving from Google Reader to Tiny Tiny RSS

Find the best Google reader replacement, Self hosted rss reader, and install Tiny Tiny RSS on your Linux or Mac OS X PC or server

On KISS principle, and why to apply it to your life

Thoughts on KISS principle, and how I learned to keep my life as simple as possible. Specially on important tasks

Deploy Jekyll blog to Webfaction via git

How to use post-update hook on git to deploy a Jekyll blog automatically and host it on Webfaction

The key to the success of Ubuntu

Where is one of the keys for Ubuntu's success. The benevolent dictator for life

From Foundation to Twitter Bootstrap

Jekyll theme based on Twitter bootstrap for my site, switching from Foundation to Twitter Bootstrap

Pagination vs Scrolling

Pagination vs Scrolling. Why I prefer pagination over scrolling

The future of GNU Linux in the Desktop market

Analysis of the new market setup and how this may help GNU Linux succeed.

New structure in site

Why the new folder structure in this site, now a multi-language site

Connect Galaxy S3 to Ubuntu

Thanks to Ubuntu 13.04 now is easy to connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 to GNU Linux

It ships when its ready

Why Debian policy: It ships when its ready. Is so good

Switching to Feedly

Using Feedly instead of Google Reader to comsume my daily dose of news

Working as a coder

How to use coder's tools for your day to day work

Testing GNU/Emacs

Vim and Emacs, testing Emacs because of its support for RestructuredText out of the box

Securing your Wordpress site against brute force attacks, by creating new usernames

One small but effective tip to secure your wordpress site installation, against brute force attacks

GNU Linux vs Linux

Why the operating system that most of us use, should be called GNU Linux and not only Linux

Comparing Digital Ocean and Linode: When to choose one or the other

Digital Ocean VPS provider compared to old Linode VPS. Features of both, and when to choose one over the other

Ben Gurion International Airport fountain video

Beautiful water fountain at Ben Gurion International airport in Israel

Microsoft Office for Linux is good news

Why I think that Microsoft Office being available for Linux users is really good news

Sharing to social networks from iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

Sharing what you read to your social networks from the iPhone vs Android

Review of Digital Ocean, the new VPS provider

A new VPS provider in town. Digital Ocean, affordable, powerful and with great support, three weeks with them. Digital Ocean vs Linode

Ubuntu deb proxy and cache: squid-deb-proxy and apt-cacher-ng

Save bandwidth with deb proxy and cache solutions for Ubuntu updates. squid-deb-proxy and apt-cacher-ng

Learning Git branches

Working with Git branches and Jekyll, learing how to create, merge, rebase, delete branch. On the local and remote Git repository

Ubuntu One vs Dropbox

Comparing Dropbox vs Ubuntu One. When and why you should choose Ubuntu One over Dropbox, and when Dropbox should be your choice

Install and configure Piwik behind Varnish reverse proxy

How to configure Piwik and varnish. In a way that piwik logs the real visitor IP instead of or varnish IP

Site analytics and stats without Google and cookies

How to use Piwik to replace Google Analytics, and get Analytics and stats for your site without the use of cookies

Quo Vadis Ubuntu?

Quo Vadis Ubuntu? Is Ubuntu following the same steps that Microsoft and Apple followed before?

Another picture gallery on Jekyll

Yet another way to host a picture of photo gallery on a static site, generated by Jekyll

Picture gallery on Jekyll static site

How to host a beautiful picture gallery with jquery lightbox tools on a Jekyll generated site

Using rsync to deploy your Jekyll site

Using rsync to deploy your Jekyll site and upload only changed files and not all of them

First experiences with NearlyFreeSpeech

What I think about NearlyFreeSpeech after two weeks using the service. I have used it only for Web hosting

ReStructuredText for everyday documents

I think I have finally found a format I feel comfortable with, for everyday writting and archiving documents. I will use ReStructureText

ReStructuredText on Jekyll

How to get support for ReStructuredText on your Jekyll installation

Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock first impressions: Working on Mac and Linux

Lightning fast Wordpress on Apache and PHP-FPM with Batcache

How to have a lightning fast Wordpress installation with Batcache and Apache2 working in worker MPM mode, all over an Ubuntu server

Apache2 MPM Worker with PHP-FPM

How to install Apache2 MPM Worker and PHP-FPM under Ubuntu server

Understanding Apache 2 MPM (worker vs prefork)

Differences between Apache 2 MPM Worker and Apache 2 MPM Prefork. And how they work with PHP

Manage Partitions with GParted How-to

Book review: 'Manage Partitions with GParted How-to' good book from PACKT publishing

About Git

Why I think Git is a great tool, and some things you can do with it

On Strong and Secure Passwords

How to create and use strong and secure passwords for your online services like facebook, gmail, twitter and also for your paypal and bank accounts

Linux is ready: How my wife switched to Ubuntu

Ubuntu is now ready to replace Windows in almost all tasks, and it is more secure and stable.

New Template: Using Foundation 3

New Theme or template on this Jekyll site. I am now using Foundation 3

Welcome back Arch Linux

I have installed Arch Linux again. It once again powers my daily job

At the end of the day

picture of the end of the day

Aerial View of the Illimani Mountain

Aerial view of the Illimani Mountain. Taken from a plane while departing from La Paz

BBM 7 with BBM Voice feature

Update for BBM. Now with free voice over WiFi feature

Garden Frogs

Picture of some fake garden frogs

Gmail 2.0 for iOS

What do I think about the new Gmail iOS app. Google has released Gmail 2.0 for iPad and iPhone

Google Plus Communities

Google Plus is trying hard to catch Facebook. Now they come with Communities. Making G+ more social

Please do not use Feedburner service

Why I think is a bad idea to use Feedburner or similar services to serve your content to the world

iPod Touch and Mac bluetooth Keyboard

How you can create content on the iPod Touch or your iPhone. With the help of a Mac bluetooth keyboard

Tablet or ChromeBook?

After a month with an iPad, I think there is no need to buy a ChromeBook

Markdown instead of Word Processors

How I am going to get rid of Microsoft Word, LibreOffice and Pages altogether

Running Again

A post about why is so good to run, and how relaxing it can be

Cookie-less domain with site44

How I am using site44 to serve static files, like css and js from a cookie-less domain

Blogging from the iPad with Jekyll

How do I blog from an iPad using iA Writer, Dropbox, Site44 and Jekyll

Linode Review

Reviewing Linode: When and why you should choose them

The equilibrium

Balancing your life between the best and the worst

Nature pictures

Nature photos, taken in my garden, some with macro mode

iPod 5 keyboard on landscape view

The new iPod Touch now features a longer screen, because of this, keyboard in landscape mode is a lot much easier to use.

On the future of Markdown

Some good coders are trying to extent Markdown, read about it.

Two versions of Chrome Browsers?

Because Chrome is getting too bloated, maybe we could have two versions of it?

Good blog post: "The best"

A link and some thoughts about some Dustin Curtis' post

First month on Site44

My experiences after having all my sites hosted at site44 for one month

Fanboyism is bad

Why you do not need to be a fanboy to stand on your position.

Venice flood

Pictures of Venice flood in (Spring) November 2012

Microsoft is going to retire MSN in favor of Skype

MSN and Skype are mergin into one platform. The last days for MSN are coming

Foursquare adds punctuation to locations you visit

Now on the popular check-in network (Foursquare) you can add points to locations

Free 301 redirect of naked domain to the www version

How to redirect 301 naked domains to www pages, for free, no Apache (.htaccess) or Nginx needed

Hosting your Jekyll generated site on with Dropbox help

I am using Site44 to host this site since today

iPod Touch my real "mini tablet"

My setup includes an iPod instead of an iPad

Bodybuilding as a hobby. Just for fun and health

How I manage to follow a bodybuilding routing when I have little to almost no time to go to gym renews its UI, and now offers you

Hotmail have renewed its user interface, and with a new domain ( now you can move your email from hotmail to outlook

My blog turned one

I started this blog to write about everything and not only about Linux, today it has been one year since I started writing here

Host your static site on Cloud Files, the CDN network from RackSpace

Having a static site gives you a lot of flexibility, and one of the good things is that you can host your site in almost any possible hosting company and using almost any technology available: Here we will see how to host a static site on Cloud Files, which is the CDN network of RackSpace

WiFi no Internet connectivity, switch to 3G automatically | Blackberry vs iPhone and Android

How Blackberry is a better smartphone than Android, as a matter of fact, it is smarter that Android, because it can detect that there is no Internet on the WiFi router and switch to 3G automatically

Host Jekyll or any static site on Heroku for free

Heroky is a place to run your Apps, basically dynamic apps, but you can also host a static site there, and for free, here is how to do it

With or Without you Lyrics | U2

Use Amazon CloudFront Origin Pull - Custom Origin - and Avoid Duplicate Content

Low Carb Diet

Article about low carb diets and my personal experience

How to clean and season a cast iron pan (skillet)

Little black cat cub

Night Pictures

Pictures of buildings at night

Geek traveling

Serve static files from a cookie less domain

Serve static html with pure static Wordpress plugin

Changing my Jekyll Powered Site Theme Again

socl New Kid in Social Networks Neibourghood

Archive your Posterous Blog, using httrack and Wordpress

Why I love lentils

Ibex and Duck Pictures at the Zoo

Posting pictures from two zoos

Picture of La Paz, taken at night

Just a picture taken in the night of the buildings in La Paz, Bolivia

On Hiring Process

Create a Multi Blog Site with Jekyll

Multi Blog Site with Jekyll

Moving The Blog to Amazon

Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Layout

More About Comments and Spam

Two days with comments on again in this blog: Evaluating the result

On Blog Comments

Still thinking about comments, and how to deal with them and spam

Post to Jekyll blog using Dropbox

Automatic run of Jekyll After a Post is Created


Increase your productivity by enhancing your calendar features with

Increased Performance After Moving my Blog to Cloudfront

A Blog that is not a Blog

Hosting from my Home PC, and Still Able to Handle a lot of Traffic

Sync your job accross multiple computers with git

Create an Alternate css File for your Mobile Visitors

Learning to Code Python

Google talk your best mobile chat option

New email security settings native in Google Apps: Change in Postini service

Request for Startups: Kill Hollywood

Why not to join to Facebook

A silly alternative to SOPA

On blogging

How each smartphone platform maker ask carriers to sell its phones

Teenagers prefer to text or tweet or Facebook message, is that the end of email?

There is no "Best Smartphone"

Trying to reduce body fat

More on blog comments

How should I deal with comments? Haver comments on or off, or maybe on for some days only

Turning blog comments off

Facebook chat for Android, iPhone and Blackberry

Testing Office 365 and Blackberry Business Cloud Services from RIM

Trying to return to blogging

9 11, Ten years later: My september 11th experience

Designer vs Coder: Who would you hire?

Thanks Steve

Starting as a developer: iPhone or Android? which one to choose?

What I've Learned about Hacker News

iTunes Smart Playlists

People with low I.Q. use Internet Explorer

Cold and rainy day in Santa Cruz

Migrating my blog

My first post using Jekyll

Road to Yungas, Bolivia

Optimus Prime

Pigeons at Santa Cruz main Square

Orchidea - Santa Cruz, Bolivia -

"Casa de la Libertad" (Freedom House) Sucre - Bolivia

Pictures of Casa de la Libertad in Sucre, Bolivia

Microsoft Phone second generation arriving in 2011

Microsoft Phone second generation arriving in 2011

A free monkey in the Zoo (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

A free monkey in the Zoo (Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

At Joy Ride Cafe in Sucre, Bolivia

Pictures taken while eating at the Joy Ride Cafe in Sucre - Bolivia

Finishing the configuration of this site

Finishing configuration of this site on Wordpress

Blackberry WiFi sync with mac not working

Blackberry WiFi sync not working

How does Varnish 3.0 compare to 2.1?

Varnish 2.1 vs Varnish 3.0

Posting on Wordpress from Blackberry

Just a test of the Wordpress blackberry app

Blogging on Movable Type

How I started my personal blog, out of my Linux blog

Full body routine

Your best option to be an amateur body builder. Full body routine, for those with not too much time for the gym

The Post-PC era will be a multi-platform era

An analysis of the post-PC era

La Paz - Bolivia (Pictures)

Three pictures of La Paz city in Bolivia

Running in the park

My kids running at the park

Uploading a photo from iPhone to Wordpress

Uploading a picture with Wordpress for iPhone app

My Kids

A nice picture of my children

The usual "hello world" entry

Hello world