Starting a vegetarian experiment

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Date: 2013-07-25 15:22:35 00:00

Five years ago I started my journey to fitness, I started with spinning and weight lifting. Then I realized that it does not matter how much I exercise, I needed to eath healthy and wisely.

I started reading, about nutrition and not only reading, I have started experimenting on my body with different type of diets. I have focused mostly on low carb diets.

Low carb diets, main focus is to increase proteing and fat consumption and lower the carbohidrates from daily diet. The idea behind them is to deprive the body from sugar and make it work "on fat" that way you are supposed to get leaner.

I have proved myself that you actually get leaner when on low carb diets, I have tested Atkins, and it really worked, it was mostly an experiment and lasted 6 months. I must say I felt great and looked good too. The experiment come to an end.

I think it is now time for a new experiment, I will start a vegetarian diet, I want to follow a healthy vegetarian diet, not full of potatoes and rice, but full of sprouts, quinoa, beans and greens.

It will not be a fully green diet, as I am planning to still eat eggs on breakfast, so it will not be a fully vegetarian diet. I am planning to try it for a month and longer if I feel good with it.

I will update weekly about it, and also some recipes.