Post to Jekyll blog using Dropbox

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Date: 2012-03-13 21:55:00 00:00

I like making things automatic, actually I like creating things just for the fun of learning.

I know there are other ways to blog easier, I know there are other ways to do this. But I like to figure out how to do it by myself. Well, by myself is just a way to say so. I'm of course reading and "googling" around to learn before I can make anything.

What I'm going to try today, and this is the testing post, is:

  • I want to write an article in my Laptop
  • Save it to my Dropbox folder (Which is synced with my server too)
  • My server should then move the MarkDown file to my _post folder under Jekyll source and commit the changes to my site.

I'm using incron, to watch for changes in the Dropbox folder, and a script that will move mv the file to the _post folder and run git-add and git-commit

After that, the same scripts/git-hooks that are taking care of my site when I post by email, are the ones working this time too.

If everything goes as expected this post should appear in my blog in some seconds.