Trying to reduce body fat

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Date: 2012-01-11 11:20:00 00:00

I've been lifting weights as a hobby for four years already, In all this time I've tried different ways to stay "cut". I'm not trying to look huge, just slim and cut. Gain some muscles is not really a big problem, but get rid of the body-fat is a different problem.

If you have ever tried that you may know that 80% is diet and only 20% is exercise. I have tried a low-carb high-protein diet in the past, and I've had good results, but it is hard to stay on that diet, so I'm now going to take another approach. I will try to boost my metabolism by eating small quantities of food six to seven times a day, of course is not going to be donuts, and I will eat only healthy food. Good carbs like beans, quinoa, vegetables, and non-fat meat (beef, pork, fish, chicken).

I'm just starting, so If you have any suggestions let me know.

By the way, I'm lifting weights doing full body routine two to three days per week, and should be doing cardio the other three days of the week, but right now I'm out of time, so I think is more important to stick to lift weights rather than cardio, in order to keep the muscle mass while on a calorie deficit diet.