First impression of Ubuntu with Unity

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Date: 2012-02-16 10:00:00 00:00

I have not been an Ubuntu user since 2009, but it is over a year since I want to test Ubuntu with Unity, this week I finally did, I'm not at home right now, and I used to travel with my Macbook Pro, but I have just acquired an Acer Aspire One. I tried to install Arch Linux on it from a usb key, but that left me with a computer with only a text based Linux. I like that about Arch Linux, but the Internet in this Hotel sucks, so I managed to download Ubuntu 11.10 and installed it on this Acer Netbook.

Ubuntu can be as hated as you may want, but one think it does great is to give you a full working computer just with the default installation.

Every worked out of the box, wifi, camera, volume keys, screen bright keys, everything, with no tweak from my part.

I have read a lot bad things about Unity, but I really like the screen space I get using it, specially considering the small screen I have on this Netbook.

It resembles my a lot Mac OSX, the control panel with features like:

  • Lock/Unlock security to make changes
  • The "All settings" button to go back when you enter some section
  • The icon of the wifi when on and off.

Maybe the menu is not the best to find some applications that are not in the main menu, but there is a search box where you can find anything. I'm a "terminal guy" so I usually know the name of the software, but this may not be suitable for everybody.

This are just my first impressions, as soon as I'm back in home I'll write a more in deep post about it, I'm also using Gnome 3 on the top of Arch Linux in my office desktop, so maybe a comparison about them in my point of view could be expected here in the near future.

If some of you can lead me to some tips to optimize this Ubuntu 11.10 to work on a Netbook, please do it.