Trying to return to blogging

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Date: 2011-12-10 22:22:00 00:00

Some months have past since my last post in this blog, I've been really busy these last months at the office, and to be honest with few ideas to blog about.

I've some ideas now, I just to start blogging again, this is something you need to do because you like and not because you have to.

At least for me, this is something I enjoy and not a job, so, from time to time I just need to stop doing it, but I think the time to re-start the blog have arrived.

This is a hobby that consumes a lot of time :), but you (the readers) deserve that time and good quality posts, otherwise it is better not to do it.

In my way of seeing this, even it is a hobby. It is a public hobby and the public deserve respect. It is not like my other hobby (weight lifting) which is only for me, If I make public my writings I have to put some effort in doing them well. And I'm not telling you that I really write excellent pieces of articles here, but I really try to.

In the next few days, I'll be writing again some articles, mainly about Linux in the Linux blog. I'm also thinking about sharing something about some recipes I'm experimenting with, hope you enjoy them :). They'll be in this personal blog.