Hosting your Jekyll generated site on with Dropbox help

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Date: 2012-10-16 21:48:00 00:00

I'm using Jekyll to blog for one and half years already. I have been using Linode to host my sites for years, and thanks to this gift the last three months for free. Anyway lately I'm more and more busy and I would like to stop taking care of my own servers, and because I'm using Jekyll and have a static site, I want to move to something easier.

Do not take me wrong Linode is great, in fact it is maybe the best hosting company, but I do not need all that power anymore.

I have discovered site44 some months ago, and wrote how absurdly easy is to host your static site.

Today I've got an email from site44, telling me the beta stage have ended, and that now they have paid packages, you can read about it here.

I'm giving them a chance, for all my sites (all of them are static sites already). I had a problem with one of them, so I needed to contact support, I've got an answer in 5 minutes. After 40 minutes more or less, they have found the bug and with 20 minutes more all was solved. Great service until now!

I will monitor the service for some days, and will let you know about it in a pair of weeks.