BBM 7 certificate problem. Invalid certificate chain for *

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Date: 2013-03-24 10:17:00 00:00

If you have a Blackberry 8520 with OS 5.0 and you have just upgraded to BBM 7 to enable BBM voice over WiFi, then you may be facing the same problem I found.

When the Blackberry connects to a WiFi network it complains about the * certificate authenticity. You will get a message like this:

invalid certificate chain for * And you are given with the options:

  • Continue
  • Close connection
  • View Certificate
  • Trust Certificate

This message will continue to appear from time to time. The solution to the problem is to install some certificates.

Thawte Primary Root CA - G1 (EV)

Download it from this link, unzip it and then you can upload the certificate to the phone using any way, bluetooth is one, but I have used the email. Send the certificate via email to yourself, open it in the blackberry, click on it and select import certificate.

Once imported the problem should disappear.

If it does not happen, you can download and import this other certificates:

Just click the links and look for the import option at the end. If the option is not there, it may be because the certificate is already installed.