Blackberry tethering

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Date: 2012-01-13 11:23:00 00:00

It was about time, I was able to do this with my Nokia E71 some years ago, even before the iPhone and Android powered phones. Now Blackberry is announcing with Blackberry OS 7.1 the possibility to create WiFi Hotspots, for up to five clients.

This is a long waiting feature, that even though it is late, it is happily received.

No one wants to have to connect the phone to the laptop with a USB cable to use the Internet, and considering the iPod, or your Game console does not have usb, you are forced to connect them to Internet using WiFi.

I have an unlimited data plan in my Blackberry, but was not able to share with my other devices specially with my iPod touch, Now I'll be able. Yes, first I need to upgrade my Bold 2 (9780) to a new model able to run OS 7.1

Here are the news from Blackberry blog:

Mobile Hotspot: Turn your BlackBerry 7.1 OS device into a Wi-Fi router anywhere, anytime! The new OS seamlessly provides Internet access for up to five Wi-Fi devices, including laptops and tablets.

If you want to read the whole new features that come with this upgrade, read here