Wget. Resume, limit rate and run it in background

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Date: 2013-08-16 20:24:20 00:00

I use curl and wget a lot, because I like downloading ISO images to test new GNU/Linux distributions, but I do not have a lot of bandwidth, so that usually means that I have to left my PC on downloading the file at night.

I also like to watch movies on Netflix in my Galaxy S3 or iPod Touch, so I have to limit the bandwitdh wget is going to use. Here is the command I usually use to download ISO images.

wget -cb --limit-rate=25K http://url.of.the.server/name.of.file

-c will continue any interrupted download from the place it was left. -b will start wget in background (the PID will be informed when it starts) –limit-rate will limit the speed or bandwidth available for wget.