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Use Mac

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Date: 2014-11-02 22:45:00 00:00

We always hear that Apple products just work, and yesterday I have been convinced that Apple engineers really think about everything even the most minimal details have been considered.

I have a Mac Book Pro mid 2010, it is a 4 years old product, and even it works as if it was new, and I am running the latest version of Mac OS X available, I have decided to upgrade its hard disk. An SSD hard disk have come to my hands, and I installed it on my MBP.

After the installation I have realized that I did not have created a bootable or installation CD or USB, so I installed the old hard disk on an external enclosure and connected it to a USB port on the Mac, it booted from it without a problem, so I got access to all my information and I was supposed to be able to create an installation media. The problem was that I needed to download the OS app again, and those 5 Gigs in my metered connection was not the best idea, I was in trouble. After googling a little bit, I found that Macs from 2011 were able to boot from Apple servers, and here comes what is great about Apple.

My laptop is from 2010, but the firmware have been upgraded I have not done it intentionally, I did not have to mess with firmware upgrades, I just happened so now my old laptop was able to boot from Apple servers. So I did and it offered me to restore everything from the time machine backup, so I switched the disk on the external enclosure and told the Mac to restore from it.

Now I have everything as it was before and running on a new SSD hard disk, it boots up a lot faster now.

I would have never thought I would need to boot from Apple servers over the Internet, but Apple engineers think about every simple detail making life for users a lot simplier.

So if you have the opportunity to buy a Mac instead of a PC running Windows, do it, you won't regret it. And if you buy a PC, try to install Linux on it :).