More About Comments and Spam

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Date: 2012-03-17 19:59:05 -0400

It's been two days since I've enabled comments on this blog again.

I must say that even though I've just got one real comment and more than 20 spam comments in that time I'm still happy with the decision.

What really annoys me is: How stupid spammers think we are, they do not even try to make real comments, actually they do try but in such a bad way, that is hard to me to believe some blogger really buys that crap.

All comments talk vaguely about the post, and do not talk about any specific point touched in the post. A good example could be:

While reading your post, I've found it really interesting. It clarified my mind and made me bettr understand this topic. I'm bookmarking this page, and will try to come back when have some free time to look for new posts.

If they are using people, to do this, they could ask at least that people to read the post and make more "on topic" comments. If they are using bots, they could take the time to better program the bot so it can write, once again, more "on topic" comments.

It is not that bad, that some people could try to gain visibility by commenting in blogs, the real bad think is that they may think we are that stupid to allow them publish that crap on our blogs.

I'm really happy to have all comments going trough my email, before they are published.