Debian - Origin of the names -

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Date: 2007-12-14 10:36:30 00:00

The Debian project founded on 1993 by Ian Murdock was named that way because of the three first letters of his wife’s name Deborah and his own name Ian Debian. Later on 1996 Bruce Perens took the command of the project, it appears that he worked at that time in Pixar and since that year all the next Debian releases came with a code name of one character of Toy Story

  • Sid (The kid who destroys toys)
  • Buzz (Buzz Lightyear) Debian 1.1
  • Rex (The T-Rex) Debian 1.2
  • Bo (Bo Peep) Debian 1.3
  • Hamm Debian 2.0
  • Slink (Slinky the dog) Debian 2.1
  • Potato (Mr. Potato) Debian 2.2
  • Woody (the Cowboy) Debian 3.0
  • Sarge (The Sargent to the green squad) Debian 3.1
  • Etch (The Etch A Sketch) Debian 4.1
  • Lenny (The binoculars) Debian 5.0
  • Squeeze (The little green men) Debian 6.0
  • Wheeze (The penguin) Debian 7.0
  • Jessie (The cowgirl)

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