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My Go2Linux site is being moved to this domain. I would like to have all my posts under only one domain.

Some posts are going to be moved to the linux section, and some small tips to the bits section. The rest, specially the old ones, those that cannot be updated (Installing Debian Sarge comes to my mind), will be in this section. Cool URIs don't change. So, they are only being redirected :).

Farewell to Microsoft

My own experience about how I managed to get rid of Microsoft Windows. I do not need it anymore for any task

How to upgrade Debian Lenny to Squeeze (5.0 to 6.0)

Step by step Debian upgrade tutorial. This tutorial needs access to the console, and it is great to upgrade servers. This is meant for the upgrade of Lenny to Squeeze, but may work with other releases as well

Get Slack

Small review of Slackware Linux, the oldest still active distribution

Slackware review

Review of the oldest Linux distribution, Slackware Linux

Arch Linux Review

Review of the most famous rolling release Linux distribution, Arch Linux

Movable Type

Talking about Movable Type in 2010

ls -l explained

What is the meaning of the output in the Linux command ls -l

Arch Linux Review

Arch Linux review, My favorite GNU Linux Distribution

wget - Downloading from the command line

How to take advantages of the power of wget in Linux. You can download files recursively, set the levels you will dig, follow external links, limit the bandwidth / rate used and more.