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Here a list of all my albums, but if you want to see all pictures in one page, you can see my complete photo album, otherwise explore one per one from the list below

Empty Streets

Empty streets because of corona virus in Bolivia


2015 new year's eve fireworks


Visit to Titicaca Lake, La Paz, Bolivia in December 2014


Visit to Tiwanaku in November 2014


My Trip to Israel in 2013, Tel Aviv, Old Jaffa, The Galilee, Old Jerusalem


At Noon


Cold Weather


Image of cars

Blue Sky

Image of the blue Sky

El Prado

El Prado in La Paz

Orange flower

An orange color flower with a black and white background

The meditarrean goes to sleep

Picture taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone of the sunset in the mediterranean sea, from the coast of Israel

Sunset pictures

Golden hour pictures. Pictures taken at sunset from a high building


Some nice pictures of flowers

Flowers and Nature Pictures

Flower pictures taken in different places of Boliva and in different times, two of them are orchids from Concepcion

Jesus Manger

Pictures of Jesus manger as made by my 4 and 11 years old kids