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Written by Guillermo Garron .
Date: 2012-03-15 18:15:00 -0400

Some weeks ago I have turned comments on this blog off. After thinking about it, I realized some comments do really add value to sites.

And I really miss the contact with my readers, but I do not like Disqus or Facebook, or any alike platform. I do not like because:

Most of comments are just spam. But I think it worth the extra job (dealing with spam moderation) for those honest readers. Those who add value to the site, those ones have the right to share their ideas with you. And yes they might send you an email, but other honest readers also have the right to benefit from that valuable comment.

And because, I mainly write to share my (very little) knowledge with the community, I want to be in touch with that community.

Because of the above, I’m turning comments on again in this site.

But, thanks to Matthew Palmer, and his static comments plugin for Jekyll. I now have a very simple but efficient blog comments platform.

I hope that spammers, knowing that all comments need to be approved before going online, will lose the enthusiasm. At least I hope.

Comments will take a while to appear in the page, maybe even some hours, but If you are adding real value to the site, and value for other readers, they will appear.

A bonus feature, is that now the comments will be indexed by Google, and that will give obviously value to the site.

Let me know what you think. In the comments section below

Note: Your comments will be send to me via email, and I’ll have to publish them manually, so please be patience.


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