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Classify Email with Fetchmail, Procmail and Postfix

How to collect email from multiple accounts and clasify it, and resend to a new account or mailbox using Fetchmail, Procmail and Postfix

Which version of Ubuntu am I running?

How to find the version of Ubuntu you are running

Happy Birthday Debian

Celebrating Debian 21st Anniversary

Your Own Password Manager

How to manage your passwords with Linux and Open Source software

First week with Elementary Luna. Review of the best Ubuntu based distribution

One week with Elementary Luna, Review of the Ubuntu 12.04 based GNU/Linux distribution, with a great look, nothing to envy to Windows or Mac OS X

Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM on CentOS

How to install Apache MPM Worker and PHP-FPM with MySQL on Centos. And at the same time configure PHP-FPM to listen on a socket instead of a TCP port.

Crontab and cron job

Crontab, cron job how to, and example. How to take advantage of cron jobs for repetitive tasks in Unix like system, like GNU/Linux

Debian vs CentOS

Comparing CentOS and Debian as your options for web server operating systems. Considering stability, easy of use, fresh package availability

Linux add a second IP address, permanent or temporary

Linux add a second IP to Linux machines, both temporary and permanent IPs

Django, virtualenv and Python in Ubuntu

How to install Phyton, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper and Django in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Network Speed and full or half duplex LAN

How to change network speed 10, 100 or 1000 and duplex from half to full for LAN in Ubuntu

Install KVM on Ubuntu

How to install KVM virtual server machine on Ubuntu

Install cacti on Ubuntu Server with Apache and PHP-FPM

How to install cacti on Ubuntu server with Apache or Nginx and PHP-FPM PHP-CGI

Apache2 configure custom 404 page not found error page

How to configure Apache2 to display custom 404 page not found error page

Varnish logs analized with awstats | Multiple virtual servers

Install awstats to work with varnish logs, generated with varnishncsa. Working with multiple virtual servers on Ubuntu Linux

Dual boot with two Linux distributions

How to install two Linux distributions on the same machine. Using dual boot scheme, with a special partition to share documents.

How much swap memory is enough?

Some considerations about swap memory to take into account when installing Linux

Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux triple boot

How to make update-grub and os-prober find Arch Linux in a second partition, to have installed with Debian and Ubuntu

Boot an ISO from your hard disk

How to install Ubuntu from the ISO without burning a CD, just from the hard drive

Take advantage of gnu-screen

How to use gnu-screen, and protect yourself of disconnection when working on remote Linux or Mac servers

UberWriter | Ubuntu's Markdown Editor review

UberWriter: Ubuntu's best writing application for Markdown reviewed

Please Support Open Source Projects

Reflections on the importance of supporting Linux developers

Shutter: Taking screenshots in Ubuntu Linux

Using Shutter to take screen captures in your Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution

Install Wordpress on Ubuntu Server

How to install Wordpress on Ubuntu using official repositories. And installing LAMP on the server at the time of Ubuntu server installation

Ubuntu fails to select the closest mirror

Why I think Ubuntu does not make the best usage of Internet as it fails selecting the "closest" mirror.

On Netflix for Linux

My thoughts about the future of Netflix for Linux

My iftop's config file

How I use iftop to monitor network traffic, and an example of my config file and options

Arch Linux switched to Systemd and finish support for initscripts

Arch Linux switched to Systemd

Upgrade Debian 6.0 Squeeze to 7.0 Wheezy

How to upgrade from Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) to Debian Wheezy (7.0). Instructions to be followed on the terminal console, good to be done via ssh on a remote server

nmap | Port scan tool for .nix systems | nmap GUI interfaces for Linux and Mac

Some nmap examples in the terminal, as well as some graphical front ends and GUI interfaces you can install on Linux and Mac OS X powered systems

Take Control of your Linux | sudoers file: How to with Examples

KISS simplicity: Arch Linux

Wordpress Performance Comparison: Using Nginx, Apache, APC and Varnish in Different Scenarios

Nginx, PHP-FPM, APC, Varnish and Wordpress

scp Linux command explained and examples

The Linux or Mac OS X scp command is used to copy files over an ssh connection, therefore it is as secure as ssh with the same level of encryption

How to: Purge, Flush or Delete Postfix Queue, or a Single Email

Set Time, Date Timezone in Linux from Command Line or Gnome | Use ntp

iptables: Small manual and tutorial with some examples and tips

Optimize VPS server for Drupal Hosting | Using Varnish

Run a program or script every 5 or X minutes or hours

Resize Windows in Gnome when Margin is Out of Boundaries

How to Sync, Put or Pull from Linux to Amazon S3

Configure Postfix to Relay on Gmail to Send Emails

Happy Birthday Arch Linux

Use incron to Trigger Action when File Changes

Find and Copy Files using bash find -exec Command

Find Differences Between Folders and Files Recursively

Turn Off Ubuntu Automatic Updates

Install Software in Arch Linux from Source, using AUR or ABS

Hibernate Notebook When the Lid is Closed

Firewalld is not running: Network printer detection needs... "Error in Ubuntu"

First impression of Ubuntu with Unity

Exclude folder from rsync backup

Mount a DVD movie ISO file

Convert PDF files to JPG using imagemagick

How to create a VPN using OpenVPN and Linux

Which video card do I have?

Nginx, Logrotate and Gentoo: Infinite loop problem and solution

4 Reasons to Have Live Linux at Home

One Liner Remove Offending Key sed

Find which package contains a specific file

Google Chrome OS Ready for Prime Time

18+ Million Hits per Day with 120 Mega Bytes RAM, on a Small Linode

Almost Everything You Need to Know about Charset Encoding, UTF-8, ISO-8859. Conversion and More

The Perfect Tools for the Linux Geek's Blog

Increase Swap Memory in Linux

Enable IPv6 in Nginx

How to enable gzip compression in Apache 2.x

General error: 1030 Got error 134 from storage engine

Use Giver to share files in a local network environment

How a Linux Distribution Review Should be Done

Why and how I migrated from Drupal to Jekyll

Use a cookie free domain to serve static content with Nginx

Image type and size from the Linux command line

Moving Go2Linux

Nginx remove trailing slash

Add a line to a specific position in a file using Linux sed

Thoughts on Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS review and analysis

N9 and MeeGo

Shared thoughts about Nokia N9 and Meego