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Using apt-cache to search for packages

How to search and find packages on Ubuntu or Debian using apt from command line

Optimize jpg and png for your website

How to compress and optimize jpeg or jpg and png files for fast loading websites

Make Firefox wrap html pre tags

How to make Firefox to wrap PRE html tags

Installed packages on Ubuntu

How to list all installed packages in Ubuntu or Debian

How to clean up MySQL

How to clean MySQL from unused databases and users

Add options to an installed package in FreeBSD

How to compile software from ports in FreeBSD with more option when it was already installed

Install Nginx on FreeBSD

How to install Nginx on FreeBSD operating system

MySQL SELECT FROM range of dates

MySQL Select From Range of Dates

MySQL select from where multiple conditions

How to use the SELECT statement in MySQL WHERE there are multiple conditions

Latest version of Jekyll on Ubuntu

How to install the latest version of Jekyll on Ubuntu 14.04

VirtualBox Guest Additions for Ubuntu

How to install VirtualBox Guest Additions for Ubuntu

Import csv file into MySQL table

How to insert data from csv file into MySQL database's table

Test Apache and PHP configuration with php info script

How to test PHP and Apache server with phpinfo script

Insert lines in files with sed

Insert lines to text files with sed editor

Remove M characters with vim

Remove ^M characters from text files with vim

Replace with sed

Replace words in files with sed

Hide commands from bash history

How to type commands in shell and prevent them from being logged or recorded on bash history

Forgot to enter sudo

How to insert sudo in front of commands when you have already run it

Flush Postfix Queue

How to flush the queue of Postfix MTA

Show the Contents of a File in a Unix-like Terminal

How to show the contents of a file under Linux or any other Unix like system like Mac OS X

Compiling C programs on Linux

How to compile and run programs written in C on Ubuntu or Debian Linux

Changing Password

How to change the password of the current user or another user in Unix like systems. Linux or Mac OS X

List Members of a Group in Linux

How to know the users that belongs to a group in Debian or Ubuntu Linux

Installing deb files

How to install a deb file in Ubuntu, Debian, Mint or some other Debian derivative

Outlook 2011. Show Full Headers

How to show full headers of email in Outlook 2011 on Mac OSX

Wget. Resume, limit rate and run it in background

How to run wget in background, limit rate and continue broken or interrupted downloads

How to limit wget download rate

Limit wget download rate, so others can share the bandwidth in your home of office, otherwise wget will use all it can

Resume interrupted downloads with wget

How to resume a broken download, and continue downloading the file from the place it was interrupted

Solved. 'Warning: Creating default object from empty value in wordpress'

Solved PHP, Wordpress error 'Warning: Creating default object from empty value in wordpress'

Backup git bare repository

How to backup a bare git repository over ssh on another server automatically and periodically

Recursively count files

How to count files recursively in a folder when you are using BSD, Linux or Mac OS X

How to switch to root using su on FreeBSD

How to access root, or switch to root account from another one when on FreeBSD

FreeBSD. Change pkg_add source

How to change FreeBSD pkg_add ftp source site, and also the folder where it looks for packages

Environment set and display Freebsd

How to display environment settings for FreeBSD, also how to set new variables for it.

Delete spaces from filenames

How to delete spaces in filenames in Linux or Mac, actually Unix kind operating systems

Delete or drop MySQL database tables

How to delete or drop one or more tables from MySQL database, using mysql interactive shell or command line

Remove vim and emacs backup files. Endind with hash or tilde ~

How to remove files ending with tilde, or starting and ending with hash symbol. Those are usually vim or emacs backup files

How to install gsl ruby gem on Ubuntu

If you need to install gsl ruby gem on Ubuntu, here is how to. I had to install in order to run Jekyll with --lsi modifier

Static custom 404 page, Nginx and Apache

Simple steps to create and display a custom 404 Not Found page, when you are running a static website, powered by either Nginx or Apache

PostgreSQL server for Django applications under Ubuntu

In case you have a Django application needing a PostgreSQL server, you can use this to install it under Ubuntu server

Invalid command 'Header' .htaccess file

Solved. Invalid command 'Header', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

Upgrade Ubuntu over ssh. Using terminal and screen

How to upgrade, Ubuntu to a new version using the terminal and ssh connection

How to undo 'git add' command, before commit

How to undo 'git add' before the commit command

GNU Emacs spell check

How to spell check on emacs for Linux or Mac. Works for ReStructuredText and LaTeX

Resize mp4 video, convert to ogg and upload to HTML 5 site

How to prepare a video to be uploaded to an HTML5 compliant site. You need to resize and convert to mp4 and ogg formats

Imagemagic convert resize and change quality in batch

Change quality and resize pictures in batch using imagemagick convert command in Linux or Mac

Rename files from uppercase to lowercase in bash

Bash: How to rename files from uppercase to lowercase with one command

Search for string recursively in all files and folders

How to look for a string recursively in all files using grep command line in bash for Linux or Mac OS X

KVM, QEMU start or stop virtual machine from command line (CLI)

How to start or stop a KVM or QEMU virtual machine from the host command line

Ubuntu. Two network interfaces only one for Internet the other for internal use

Ubuntu. Configure two network interfaces, one only for Internal resources and the other for Internet

Ubuntu Desktop Gnome Shell or Unity proxy settings

How to set up proxy settings in Ubuntu Desktop. Unity or Gnome shell

Linux. Create a file where the file name is the current date

How to create a file in Linux where the name or part of it is the current date and hour

Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Network traffic monitor

How to measure or monitor the traffic on a eth or wireless LAN interface on a Unix-like OS. Linux or Mac OS X

Iptables. How to open a port to one ore more specific IP

How to open a port to one (or more) specific IP address using iptables rules

htaccess file no cache

How to forbid or avoid your pages to be cached using htaccess and Apache

ssh with no password, with ssh-keygen key

Log into ssh servers (Mac OS X or Linux) without passwords, using ssh key. How to generate them with ssh-keygen and install on the server

Ubuntu Linux: Create swap file

How to increase Ubuntu Linux server memory, create and add swap space with swap file

Package libapache2-mod-fastcgi is not available. Ubuntu

how to install fastcgi on Ubuntu server when. cant install fastcgi ubuntu server: Package libapache2-mod-fastcgi is not available

Migrate MySQL database

how to migrate a MySQL database to a new server, or between two servers, using scp and mysqldumb

Varnish: Do not cache 404 error pages

Stop Varnish cache server from caching 404 error pages. Or make it cache them for only a short period of time

Clone a bootable usb key

How to clone a bootable usb key, or copy to disk for storage. Useful to create copies of bootable usb memory

Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

How to solve: apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

From Jekyll to Pelican

Little tools to help you switch from Jekyll to Pelican. Change YAML Front Matter to Markdown headers

Git on Mac ignoring rename uppercase to lowercase

Git on Mac ignoring changes in filenames from uppercase to lowercase due to ignorcase option set to true

How to install GeoIP with CPAN on Ubuntu

How to install perl library using CPAN tool, on Ubuntu Linux

Git: Revert uncommitted changes

How to revert files and folders to its state at the last commit in git

Bulk resize images and change its quality with imagemagick on Linux and Mac OS X

Resize a lot of photos at the same time, using imagemagick, you can also change the image quality on the same command. Working with bash for loop and imagemagick tool this is an easy task

Rename files to lower case on Linux or Mac

Using one liner bash for loop to rename files to lower case names, works on Linux and Mac OS X

rsync selectively copy some file type using include exclude options

How to use rsync to copy only a specific type of file, making use of the include and exclude options

Ubuntu: Disable daemon on startup

How to disable a daemon such a Nginx, Apache, MySQL or any other from starting at boot time. We will disable them from startup scripts, read more to learn how

Apache htaccess: Add Cache-Control header per file type

A good way to speed up a static site when using Apache to serve it, is to permit your users' browsers and the cache servers in the middle to save a copy of the pages. And you can add Cache-Control header on Apache on a per file type basis

Let Wordpress users install plugins and themes without FTP credentials

If Wordpress ask for FTP user and password when you try to install new plugin or theme. You may need to follow this instructions to make Wordpress let users install plugins and themes without FTP credentials

mkdir: create multiple directories in one command

Using mkdir and curly brackets, you can create multiple directories using only one command, you can create complex nested folder structure with mkdir, here is how

What version of CentOS am I running

It is very important to know the version of Linux and the version of the distribution you are using. If CentOS is what you are using, this will tell you what version of CentOS you are running

How to install htop on CentOS

htop is not installable by default on CentOS. If you want to install it fast, the best way is downloading the rpm file. Here is how I install htop on CentOS servers

301 htaccess redirect

How to use .htaccess file for 301 redirect

rsync exclude files or folders

How to exclude and single file or folders or multiple files or folders when working with rsync

Enable mod rewrite module on Apache 2

How to enable mod rewrite module on Apache2

gzip encoding with curl

Check Nginx and Apache gzip encoding with curl headers

gzip files and keep original file

gzip --keep does not work: Here is how to gzip a file and keep the original untouched

Enable mod headers module on Apache 2

How to enable mod headers module on Apache2

How to flush or clear varnish cache

How to completely flush the cache of reverse proxy server Varnish Cache

Search and replace in lots of files with find and sed

Find and replace with bash. Using find and sed commands. Useful for Linux and Mac OS X

Install Middleman blog on Ubuntu

How to install Middleman static blog / site generator on Ubuntu Linux

Installing Jekyll on Ubuntu

How to install Jekyll (static blog generator) on Ubuntu

Installing Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu Linux

How to install Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu

How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu the easy way

How to use useradd to create and administer users under Linux

Shows you how to use useradd to create a new user under Ubuntu or other Linux distribution

Set auto or manually installed flag for packages in Ubuntu or Debian

How to set or unset "manually/auto installed" flag on Ubuntu or Debian Linux

Could not be synced because the sync session failed to start | iTunes

How to solve the "could not be synced because the sync session failed to start" problem with iPod, iPhone or iPad

Delete all files of a given type in a folder structure in Bash, recursively

How to delete all files of a given type in a folder structure, recursively. Useful in Linux, Mac OS X and Unix.

Delete all files in a folder structure in Bash

How to clear a complete folder structure, Deleting all files, but not folders

Install a Debian package (.deb file) from command line

How to install a .deb (Debian package) from the command line

Debian and Ubuntu development tools installation, make gcc and others

How to install development tools in Debian and Ubuntu

Ruby Juicer: Combine / Merge and minify CSS files

How to minify and combine (merge) css files using ruby juicer. Works on Linux and on Mac

vim tip: How to undo and redo changes

Small tip to undo and redo changes in the great text editor vim

md5sum on Mac OS X | check MD5 hashes

How to calculate MD5 hash of a file on Mac OS X. MD5 is important when you download files from the Internet, and you need to check if the the file is OK

Check the physical status of an ethernet port in Linux

Sometimes you need not only the logical status of an ethernet port, but also the physical status of it, here is how you test the physical estatus of an ethernet port in Linux, I have tried it on Ubuntu

perl pie: substitute or change text string in lots of files from the terminal

Small tutorial to teach you how to use perl pie, or actually perl -pi -e to substitute a string in lots of files at the same time. All from the command line of your Mac or Linux

Use wget to download links in a file | A file with a list of links

Download a list of links in a file from a file using the terminal and wget

Create a new database and user, and set privileges to the user | Using MySQL console-terminal

Create a new database and a new user on MySQL and set privileges and rights to the user over the newly created database - Using the terminal

Safari open link in new tab

Recover MySQL root password

How to recover MySQL root password using the terminal

Apache: You don't have permission to access the requested directory

Find the process ID (PID) of a given program, using ps or pidof

Pause or Stop iPhoto's PhotoStream sync with iCloud

Use wget with a proxy server. How to configure

Test grammar on Mac | TextEdit grammar check

Send a DELETE request using curl command

Shut down (turn off) a Mac remotely via ssh

Mac OS X or Linux | get http headers of an url from the terminal using curl

start, stop or restart Apache from the console terminal in Mac OS X

http post with command line curl

Solved: Installing pg gem in Arch Linux libpq-fe.h

Find the real path of a file or folder: Use realpath command

sass minified output

Convert Open Office odt document to plain text file

How to specify nano or vim as editor for crontab file

Add html extension to uri using htaccess file or Nginx

Copy terminal output to clipboard Mac OS X

How to find the Xcode version

vsftpd error: 500 OOPS: vsftpd: refusing to run with writable root inside chroot ()

Slow Internet Speed in Bolivia, Compared with the Rest of the World

Use wget to Recursively Download all Files of a Type, like jpg, mp3, pdf or others

Find Files Modified Between Given Dates

How to stop cronjob from sending email every time it is executed

How to kill all instances of Google Chromium in Linux from command line

File is not within the allowed path

Set pretty permalinks in Wordpress. Solve 404 error on Nginx

Google Drive vs Dropbox

Set IP address Linux Using ip command

Check if Given Program is Running and Start it if not

Check, Show your IP address in Linux

Add a Directory to Path in Bash

Google's Gmail Tap

Real Hot Summer

How to Deal with Down Votes

Comparing new iPad screen

New iPad Review

Secure DNS in Chroot

My Interview at Linux Notes from DarkDuck

Are your Answers to Security Questions Secure?

Enable Web Sharing in Mountain Lion

Configure Slackware on a MacBook Pro

Good link that shows you how to get Slackware on a MacBook Pro configured

What is Property

Angry Birds for Chome

Angry Birds now available for Chome, Online or Offline | Enjoy playing it

Choosing the Right iPad

Link via and Sharing Links

Why call 4G something that actually is not any better than 3G

Linux App Store

Finally working Email to Jekyll

Using my blog as Twitter

Jekyllmail.rb Post to Jekyll by email

Hello World

Resizing Images on Fly with Ruby

Free writing

Some Apps from the Mac App Store that Worth Checking Out

Posting on the go

Cat Picture

A nice cat picture

Beagle Dog

Duck Picture

Just the picture of a nice duck

Using vim with crontab -e

Email to Blog Final Testing

Still not Completely Working the Email to Blog implementation

Good Collection of Graphics Linux Tools

Great News About the New iPad Battery

Sending picture to my blog from iPhone

Blogging from email

iPad not a Laptop Replacement

Deploying Cloudfront in Front of my Site

Steve Jobs was a Genius, Steve Ballmer is not

Learning to Hack

Embarrasing: Anonymous Got Access to a Private Conversation Between US and UK Police Departments

Rose Kennedy Quote

Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split

Starting a new section in my site "bits"