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I’m Guillermo Garron, I’m an almost forty years old guy from Bolivia, I live in Santa Cruz, and I’m married. I’m the father of two kids, a girl and a boy, with whom I really enjoy spending my spare time.

I’m an electronic engineer working the telecommunications field.

I love GNU/Linux and write about it here. I used to write at my (now archived) site Go2linux

I like to read a lot about Technology and fitness, I like lifting weight and running.

About this site

This site is written using Markdown, and then with Jekyll it is converted into a static site.

The hosting of this site, changes from time to time, one of the good points of having a static site, is that you can host it anyplace you would like.



My name is Guillermo Garron. I am telecommunications engineer from Bolivia

I like technology a lot, and this site is mainly dedicated to that

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