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After 16 years of development apt-get 1.0 is released

Written by Guillermo Garron .
Date: 2014-04-19 19:18:22 -0400

I love Debian, it is together with Arch Linux my favorite distribution of GNU Linux. One thing I love about Debian is apt, actually I switched from Fedora/CentOS to Debian/Ubuntu because in my opinion APT is a lot better than YUM.

Being APT as good as it could be, there is always room for improvement, and with this new release, which is a major milestone, we have one real important improvement.

apt-cache is now “integrated” into apt-get. You will now be able to run.

apt-get search package-name

You can also run:

apt-get list 

Which is like running dpkg list. From Michael Vogt’s blog We get:

It’s been some months since I am away of Linux, but I think I will install Debian as soon as I can to play with this new apt release. You will have to install Debian Jessie (Testing).


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