Check your Laptop Battery status from the command line

Written by Guillermo Garron .
Date: 2007-12-30 10:36:30 -0400

Linux console brings acpi to us to check the status our Laptop battery, right from the command line.

First of all install the acpi package

sudo apt-get install acpi

To check the state of the charge of battery


The output could be something like this.

Battery 1: discharging, 44%, 00:18:48 remaining

To check the battery temperature

acpi -t

And the output could be

Battery 1: discharging, 37%, 00:15:59 remaining
Thermal 1: ok, 49.0 degrees C

if you need it in Farenheit

acpi -t -f

To check the AC power status

acpi -a 

The output could be:

Battery 1: discharging, 30%, 00:13:31 remaining
AC Adapter 1: off-line

You can check all the status together

acpi -V

The output will be:

Battery 1: discharging, 27%, 00:11:29 remaining
Thermal 1: ok, 50.0 degrees C
AC Adapter 1: off-line

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