Running Again

Written by Guillermo Garron .
Date: 2012-12-03 10:35:35 -0400

It had been a long and hot Sunday afternoon, after having fun with the kids, and working on some side projects, I headed to a park near my househome.

It was the seventh hour after noon, and the sky was still clear, the sun was not visible, and the birds were flying to their nests making a lot of noise.

A fresh breeze from the north started to refresh me a little, as I walked through the street. In five minutes I arrived to the park, there were already people running there, so I turned on my iPod and started to warm up.

It was almost a year since my last time there for jogging, so I started slow with an easy pace. The music on my ears, the fresh air of the young night in my face, and the typical smells of the coming summer reminded me immediately why I love to run.

My mind started to travel, my thoughts could freely come and go, through sweet memories as well as the normal breakdowns of life.

It is so mind refreshing, it was only me and my thoughts.

Suddenly that song I used to listen while running last year started to beat in my ears. Immediately it brought me back some memories from last year. Only scents can beat songs in translating you to the past.

I started to get tired, it is easy to go out of shape in some months, even more in a year.

I started to walk. It has only been 15 minutes but I felt great.

Doctors says that jogging is great for you lungs and heart, but they should also say that it is even better for your mind, so relaxing.

I am going home again, I feel relaxed, tired, sweating a lot and thirsty but relaxed. I am running again.


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